Two Beatles fans 50 years after receiving a response from Paul McCartney to a recording made ​​in 1963 and sent to a room that London would receive a concert of the quartet .(Duas fãs dos Beatles receberam 50 anos depois uma resposta de Paul McCartney a uma gravação que fizeram em 1963)

The tape ended up in the hands of the historian David McDermott , who bought a neighborhood sale .

"We have the dream to see you in the back of our house , but I think it will never happen . But we live in hope , right? ” , Can be heard on the recording …. respectively 17 and 19 years , the tape recorded and sent to the Finsbury Park Astoria in London , where the Beatles were playing in 1963 .

"It was like into a capsule and travel time up to the time that they recorded . Until cringed . Had to look for them and whether they were still alive , “said McDermott told the BBC.

The historian has succeeded, with the help of the One Show , join the two women , Barbara Bezant and Lyn Phillips , an exhibition about the Beatles in Liverpool and gave them a letter from Paul McCartney with his response : ” Thank you for your lovely cassette. Finally arrived . Better late than never . It’s great to know they met years and years later . Continue to enjoy the music , much love Paul , ” is what one can read in the letter .

Although both live in Essex UK , the two women had not seen for 40 years.

Paul McCartney has revealed the cover of his next album , ” New ” , which is scheduled for release October 14 .

In early September , was also released the list of songs on the album , which has tracks produced by Paul Epworth , Giles Martin (son of Beatles producer George Martin ) , and Ethan Johns ( American band Kings of Leon ) , son of Glyn Johns , who has worked with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who, among others .

The first single , which has the same name as the album, was done in collaboration with Mark Ronson

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